Hi there, I'm Emma!

I'm an artist turned software developer with a passion for building beautiful and intuitive user experiences. When I'm not dreaming up new ideas to code, I like to play Dungeons & Dragons with friends, and try out new restaurants in my home city, Toronto. ✨

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Recent works

Emma's Sun Run project

Sun Run

React.js, Firebase, RESTful APIs

Sun Run is a React-based app that calculates the longitude and latitude of a user's location (using reverse geocoding!), and fetches sunrise/sunset data from an API. It also considers the desired run duration and time preference to recommend the best time to start running!

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Custom Meme Sound Board

React.js + NoSQL Database

A collection of the finest meme sounds on the internet, and a fun, React-based app that lets you create your own silly meme soundboard through Firebase database integration!

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Emma's Splitter project


React.js, JavaScript

Splitter is a useful tip calculator that calculates the total/person and the tip/person for a bill. This app is based on a Frontend Mentor design and challenge, but has my own special touches added in!

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Pronia storefront

HTML, SASS, JavaScript

Pronia storefront is a multi-page responsve pixel perfect PSD conversion, based on a design provided by a client.

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Get in touch

I am always down to chat! Whether it's about a new opportunity, something you want to build, or to connect about something else.